The Blueprint Genetics Comprehensive Short Stature Syndrome Panel (test code MA2101):

  • Is a 75 gene panel that includes assessment of selected non-coding disease-causing variants
  • Is available as PLUS analysis (sequencing analysis and deletion/duplication analysis), sequencing analysis only or deletion/duplication analysis only

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Commonly used ICD-10 code(s) when ordering the Comprehensive Short Stature Syndrome Panel

ICD-10 Disease
Q87.1 Short stature and associated syndromes

Sample Requirements

  • EDTA blood, min. 1 ml
  • Purified DNA, min. 3μg
  • Saliva (Oragene DNA OG-500 kit)

Label the sample tube with your patient’s name, date of birth and the date of sample collection.

Note that we do not accept DNA samples isolated from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue.